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tv   Venture Capital  RT  September 8, 2013 8:29am-8:46am EDT

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virginia shaad. county. a rampager all in the chesapeake bay probably one of the best areas in fact this fall fred. and your island before the channel was. oh here. way up there. as go all. right here are some of the headstones from graves that for you this is a fruit that's what we don't want happen to take and we want to get some protection and make sure that we don't go into the chesapeake bay like uppers did in other communities. they were ready to do anything for their country to me is to love the country more than yourself if you join the military for any other reason that you're probably
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not going to have a good day and they were tools in the hands of the state now they live remembering the past which is impossible to get rid of. the war. but however good people do get hurt. and i have heard good people empty silent. a lot. but would prefer not to be sometimes i feel like. i should have died over there. because. i saw some people who died. there is cheaper than terrifying. on our.
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hello there we're kinds of education so we are indeed on the road this week we are filming from st petersburg of the g. twenty summit of course of right now i stood on the peter paul fortress that was built in seventy three it's named after peter the great himself but that's the history lesson over with that happened three hundred years ago but right now going to cause a dry what's happened in the last few days because it's certainly been a busy two days at sea shore and there was a fear that syria would completely dominate the proceedings here to some extent that did happen but it didn't completely habitate there was plenty of business going on to we have the topics of tax evasion and offshore accounts as well as that job creation unemployment and the bric development bank now i will catch up with the chief of the international monetary fund christine lagarde michael her take on the current state of the global economy. and president putin mentioned the risk of
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a sharp crisis really laughs what's been done to prevent that situation. well clearly the focus by the russian presidency on jobs and growth. and long term financing were very. objective some i believe rallied to the leaders common objectives sustainable growth. appropriate fiscal consolidation as well as the creation of jobs and a group stuck to his inclusive so that's certainly your we hope conducive to addressing the crisis risks going forward and what about monetary stimulus do you think that these measures have run their course and it simply doesn't work that we need pain in the short term in order. what would you say that the monetary policy doesn't work because we believe that it does hard to free positive effects and certainly seeing the u.s. economy and the japanese economy pick up us as they are at the moment despite the.
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you know fiscal. policies that door in place and that we would like to see improved a bit so no i wouldn't say that they have not worked us and i would say that they have worked i know it's a question of how they are tapered in such a way that it continues to work without producing negative spillovers that could not be addressed now i managed to catch up with one of the most respected people out there for about the former finance minister of russia alexei could today and he had a completely different take on the proceedings she chose to work america the world economy its current state can be characterized as being on life support for its vital functions are being kept running by the federal reserve the european central bank and other banks by constant cash interactions this should only be temporary if a sick man goes through treatment and it doesn't help there's no point continuing it is an ongoing effort now to buy time for reforms and changes but this will end
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and the world economies will be left to stand on their own feet which countries economies will be able to stand and which ones won't remains to be seen. now and it was no surprise then that the events of the emerging economies money huge come together and actually unite themselves i'm talking about the brics brazil russia india china south africa. lay the groundwork for their bridges because of development now this bank will have initial reserves of a hundred billion dollars the brics bank is set to rival the world bank in the i that china will contribute forty one billion dollars with russia india and brazil eighteen billion dollars each and south by. five billion the russian president uses states to explain why the bank is necessary. we hope this bank will increase the stability of the global economic system which
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unfortunately is not always predictable and depends on a few financial centers and reserve currencies. i call it so way that carol to me chad he's the c.e.o. of ross's direct investment funds and like all his ideas so what he felt about the new brake development bank in the complex it says that it may have a different models there is a model of different countries having different developmental banks and for example you said development bank in russia very successful showing example for how you can really grow the infrastructure and grow the elements but have a developmental base the question is still open about development being for you know g. twenty how bulletin board is it to many countries working together to me process very easy and how decisions have been made so i think there will be discussions during meetings that will address some of those issues and what are the main issues that we think location he's going to be in charge of providing food advice need to
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be defined as well as are many should so for example there's always a world bank and i.m.f. and budget was a situation so i was going to be separate there was a question of how decisions are going to be made there is a question of where is this bank is going to be focused its efforts is it equally on the lips of range of countries or the emerging markets so there are many issues that i think that's going to be discussed which we believe it's actually a less complex way or for dress and some of those issues is going bilateral agreements so for example we create the joint sponsor with china that would create at the joint fund with friends and united arab emirates and we believe some of those joint fund efforts i actually saw a good way for address things because it's simply in decision making for them and would you say with the climate at the moment with the imagined kind of fighting they face the amount of timing more important than ever to really kick on with a spanking get it nice and well i think maybe but then through other things it can be done for example we have proposals of plans that include three simple steps
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reduce restrictions on capital flows encourage private capital to go into infrastructure. make infrastructure investment more efficient if you do those three things we believe will to lower growth will go up by three percent and we have some specific ideas i think developmental bank is part of the solution that's really big a solution is focused on infrastructure investing ensuring that we invest in the future of the whole world faces six to trillion dollar of infrastructure needs until two thousand and fourteen we're going to fund this money how do we find this capital developmental big may be part of the solution but definitely the mold was a complete solution and with much of europe's unemployment now at rest code high jobs creation became another topic of discussion at the forum i asked alexander shore head the president of the russian union of industrialist and bananas what measures are needed to put more people into was part of the howard communications
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related to his job creations we believe that flexible labor market. bill for labor force indication system must be improved we're in trouble you just you know do you see the economic growth we see in the new jobs and just also i want to ask you about process unemployment because russia is obviously maybe in a more enviable position when talking about job creation and unemployment would you say that when you compare slice of the euro zone to you know what is and was eurozone we have really in sydney. a lot of. about five percent but. in the same thing. in this country we have very huge lack of qualified workers and this way across the main obstacle for economic growth. all right now i might be instant
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pieces by my bed but i'm not letting mrs so implements all the her he is in house and beth he has ten thousand us dollars or at least eighteen days when we first started out with a step process to save or i'm up a guy let's take it was so now high so inside tell me what if you've been up see this week well stokes you really think you think you sell on good meaty townsell even up. as soon as you left for st petersburg everything in moscow became grey and cold and rainy so that's the bad news is you need to come back here so that it warms things back up kind of tricky there now here's the good news it's the good news is that remember last week we're talking about oil specifically ross next well while oil in fact this is this is crazy immediately after i made that decision and invested in oil i went home and i was all happy about that and then i heard news that because the u.k. decided not to go into war in syria that the oil prices actually dropped and
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stabilize which is not good for news for me it's good news for syria but it's not good news for me trying to make money but despite that rosneft inexplicably gained six percent so i was able to make some money there also i kept a little bit in on this idea that aeroflot budget carrier is going to catch on that went up one percent so overall katy pilbeam i have gained so now ok i went from eight thousand eight hundred twenty five added five hundred forty seven dollars to that now i'm standing at my grand total nine thousand three hundred seventy two dollars and fifteen cents also i'm hearing from the new standpoint that china and russia are making movements towards this gas pipeline between the two countries so the energies is a way to go so i'm going to basically get out of the arafat industry that only went up one percent i'm going to stay with oil and energy specifically with raw. have to
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try and maybe diversify just a little bit going to gazprom as well in that way i can you know kind of try my luck thank you so looking forward to chatting with you next week when i'll be back in moscow in the studio half an hour's time for me to say goodbye from here in some pieces but i'll see you next week different place at the same time see that. wealthy british style it's time to. go. to the. market why not. find out what's really happening to the global economy because the reports on our.
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i know c.n.n. the m s m b c news have taken some slightly but the fact is i admire their commitment to cover all sides of the story just in case one of them happens to be. that was funny but it's close and for the truth and might think. it's because one whole attention and the mainstream media works side by side the joke is actually on we're. going to look. at our teen years we have a different approach. because the news of the world just is not this funny i'm not laughing dammit i'm not i look. at. you guys sort of jokes that will handle the serious stuff that i've got to.
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they're hunting terrorists they hide in the woods and prepare to become suicide bombers. those still believe these young men can be saved. then. the mothers won't sleep at night they'll follow their sons into the woods find them and return them to a peaceful life they killed almost everybody. to take him away from maybe that was by chance. how does it feel to be a terrorist mother. if you have even the slightest chance come home. my son terrorised. more news today. these are the images the world has been seeing
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from the streets of canada. china operations are today. when is the new bush show top officials say the white house is behind the terrorism of the population and new evidence from nine eleven coming up. whistleblowers a leak in the u.s. talks with the head of al qaida. the world trade center and is shown on times square and the father of a twin towers victim tells us about being attacked by mainstream media.
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decades of terror against their own population blamed on extremists is actually being funded and planned by the white house top level officials in the government and the cia and the campaign known as gladio is cool but former cia head bill colby a quote major operation in sworn testimony one of the conspirators confessed you have to attack civilians the people we mean children far removed from any political game so storage fees can bring in a state of emergency though to the new guns rules of nato secret thanks very much indeed for coming on so mainstream media don't report this but it is now on the record and officially documented their cases of terror attacks against their own population are in fact organized by the cia and the white house operation northwoods with evidence of operation gladio we have to date are now available and then.


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